Fifteenth edition of “Coke Studio” kicks off in Pakistan

The fifteenth season of the world-famous program Coke Studio has kicked off in Pakistan. This program won the award for the largest cultural resource by the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This season brings 11 original tracks celebrating the diversity of Pakistani culture, languages, and genres, all fueled by the nation’s deep love for music. .
This is the first production by Warner Music South Asia, which handles recorded music operations in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Leading the charge is the powerhouse producer and curator, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan. Each song in Season 15 is a testament to collaboration, blending unique artistry.
This season promises captivating storytelling by some of Pakistan’s finest directors from the creative brilliance of Awais Gohar and Murtaza Niaz.
“This season celebrates the enduring power of art, the power of music – the power of love, warmth and connection,” says. Zulfiqar “Every story is a world built on Pakistan’s rich and diverse cultural fabric, its heritage and its future, fostering a sense of shared solidarity through artistic identity.”

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