Journalist Visa Policy

                              GUIDELINES FOR SEEKING JOURNALIST VISA 

Online Visa Policy, 2019 mandates Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (External Publicity Wing) to facilitate International/Foreign media intending to visit Pakistan. Following guidelines are to be followed to get Journalist Visa for Pakistan;

1.       All visas are applied Online except for New Delhi (India) where cases are proceessed on manual system. External Publicity Wing of this Ministry is the recommending authority to deal with all kind of journalist/media related visas.

2.         External Publicity Wing Islamabad receives, examines and issues Recommendation Letter (one of the mandatory documents for uploading on visa portal) in favor of those journalists that are duly recommended by Pakistan High Commissions/Embassies/Consulates through their Press Attachés /  Counselors and Visa Officers for the grant of journalist visa. This letter is signed and issued by an authorised officer of External Publicity Wing, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Islamabad.

3.            Journalist visa is only valid for three cities of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Journalists can not visit prohibited/restricted areas including any defense installation sites. They can not use camera/drone camera there.

4.     First time, any Pakistan-Based or Non-Based journalist will apply online, from outside Pakistan, on  http.// (except for applicants from Indian nationals and foreign media based there) under Short Term category (up to 3-months Single/Multiple with maximum of same stay period) for the first time to enter Pakistan. Short Term visa has 90-day validity after its Grant with its issue and expiry dates mentioned.

5.       Those who want to serve on long term assignments (Pak-Based Journalists) may select the category  Accredited /Based (Short Term/Long Term upto 3 Months) intially and seek Extension from Islamabad. It is to mention here that Extension requires minimum 4-6 weeks so journalist are advised to stay in Pakistan during that waiting period.

6.        Selecting the wrong category may lead to delay/refusal/rejection of the visa and no refund is possible. In that case a journalist has to inform our Mission to Cancel/Reject that application to apply afresh. Desired visa should be in line with the Recommendation Letter by this Ministry.

7.        The journalists have to seek Recommendation Letter from our Missions, to get their visas, before submitting their application online. After that, Mission will coordionate with External Publicity Wing Islamabad to decide and grant Entry Visas which is communicated to the journalist on his/her portal or email. 

8.        Once the Recommendation Letter is with the Mission or the journalist then it has to be submitted online so that application be "submitted successfully". In some Missions case is refeered by the visa portal directly to visa section and decision is made by them quickly after the Recommendation Letter is sent from this Ministry. In such cases Mission conveyes directly to the journalits. Otherwise Letter is given to the journalists first, through Mission, so that they may upload it on their portal to be "submiited sucvcessfully".

9.      Those who desire to visit other cities, make a documentary, shoot etc. and stay beyond the approved period, may apply in advance (at least 4-6 weeks before their visa and travel plan ) to the Mission concerened so that "No Objection Certificate” through External Publicity Wing and from Ministry of Interior be obtained. In such cases visa is issued after the NOC is received. NOC cases normally take minimum 4-6 Weeks which can be granted , held or  regretted by the authorities. 

10.        Pakistan Missions will interview, in person, the visiting journalists, and send their recommendation on the basis of journalist's profile, past reports on Pakistan, purpose of visit, media trends of the organization, scheduled meetings/ interviews, the places and persons in Pakistan that need to be visited / interacted with, contact details of Pakistani sponsors, media houses and other related information .

11.      Missions will send Visa Issuance Report along with copy of E-Visa grant to EP  Wing on below mentioned emails;

+92-51-9252163 / +92-51-9252166 / +92-51-9252240

12.        The journalists will report to External Publicity Wing-Headquarters Islamabad upon arrival in Pakistan (directly or through their Pakistani handlers/ facilitators or assisting persons).


To apply for journalist visa, visit the Online Visa System Click Here.